Aisle Pressure Management

balanced aisle containmentOver the past few decades, Aisle Containment setups have helped Data Center Operators reduce TCO by improving cooling efficiency and limiting cold and hot air mixing.  By limiting airflow draw to perforated tiles instead of free delivery sources, containment aisles foster competition among assets by constraining air supply. This constraint subtly shifts the air pressure in a containment aisle, taxing on-board server fans and creating thermally imbalanced conditions. With AdaptivCOOL Aisle Pressure Management (APM), turbulent airflow and pressure conditions can be mitigated with an airflow control solution automated to respond to pressure and temperature changes or cooling unit failures. APM adds true N+1 redundancy to mission-critical facilities and has demonstrated efficacy in increasing capacity, supplying uninterrupted cooling during CRAC outages and reducing TCO through energy savings.

Why Leaders in Containment Design turn to APM:
  • APM balances airflow pressure in containment aisles in real-time
  • APM affords an airflow redundancy measure (True N+1) in the event of a thermal spike or cooling failure
  • APM reduces TCO and improves cooling efficiency in the Data Center
  • APM can be upgraded to a comprehensive, facility-specific software control system

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    Solution Benefits

    bullet capacity  Matches airflow to IT load and pressure conditions in contained aisles

    bullet 24 7  Built-in automation to compensate for real-time CRAC/CRAH failures 

    bullet uptime  Average IT Capacity Gains of 30%

    bullet pc   Simple, user-friendly interface for easier collaboration and comprehension on any device

    Technical Features

    bullet network  Interpolates real-time airflow requirements based on data from a network of temperature and pressure sensors and facility cooling assets

    bullet airflow  Airflow control hardware dynamically supplies as much as 1200 CFM of airflow or whatever amount is required based on IT load and pressure conditions

    bullet 24 7  Environmental monitoring and cooling asset management services available!

    bullet wifi Designed for use with our HotSpotr rack airflow control hardware!

    bullet pc  Integrates with any Building Management System (BMS) or Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) console