Holistic Airflow Management Solutions for Data Centers

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With the AdaptivCOOL technology brand, DegreeC sensors, software, and control solutions help data center managers realize thermal efficiency goals in mission-critical data center facilities. Unlike other players in the data center market, the AdaptivCOOL portfolio by DegreeC employs a holistic approach to Data Center airflow measurement and management. Our products and solutions address airflow management from Chip to CRAC to Rack. Whether you are trying to diagnose cooling failures or deficiencies in your CRAC units, seeking to mitigate a hot spot or thermal anomaly in your facility, or calculate airflow intake at the server-level, our solutions will help you realize your performance goals. 

  • Tile MeasurementAirflow Measurement Solutions

    DegreeC designs instrumentation and client-specific sensing solutions to analyze airflow performance in applications ranging from server fan diagnostics, perforated tile CFM calculation, HVAC ventilation assessment to CRAC cooling output and more.

    Measurement Capabilities

    bullet airflow Perforated tile airflow (CFM) rates

    bullet hvac Real-time cooling asset (CRAC/CRAH) airflow output 

    bullet thermometer Rack inlet temperatures and flow differentials

    bullet analytics Facility or rack-level airflow distribution performance and historical trending

  • Tile HotspotrRack-Level Airflow Controls

    AdaptivCOOL designs rack airflow controllers that resolve cooling distribution and efficacy issues as a result of CRAC proximity, high density rack loads, or insufficient underfloor airflow pressure. 

    Hardware Features

    bullet airflow Each unit delivers up to 1200 CFM of rack airflow 

    bullet thermometer Thermostatically-automated to match airflow volume to IT load  

    bullet 24 7 Uninterrupted cooling for Uptime Protection

    bullet wrench Non-disruptive, zero footprint installation

  • Tile Aisle ManagementAisle Containment Optimization & Pressure Balancing

    AdaptivCOOL resolves containment pressure imbalance issues in hot or cold aisle containment setups by dynamically matching rack airflow to meet IT demand.

    Benefits of Dynamic Aisle Pressure Management (APM)

    bullet capacity Real-time dynamic air pressure optimization

    bullet airflow  Airflow Redundancy (True N+1) for Uptime Protection     

    bullet uptime Average IT Capacity gains of 30%    

    bullet money Reduce TCO for ROI within a year or less

  • Tile DBC2Cooling Infrastructure Management Software (DBC)

    Using exclusive IP networked airflow control hardware, environmental sensors and dynamic cooling infrastructure management software, AdaptivCOOL automates cooling and airflow pressure at the rack and facility scale. 

    Cooling Infrastructure Software Benefits

    bullet 24 7 Airflow Redundancy (True N+1) for Uptime Protection 

    bullet leaf PUE Optimization and Energy Rebate Qualification    

    bullet uptime Average IT Capacity gains of 30%    

    bullet money Reduce TCO for ROI within a year or less

  • Tile ThermalThermal Sensor Network for Data Centers

    With the IT Sensor Network solution, real-time visualization of thermal and pressure conditions - including CRAC/CRAH performance data - is easily accessible on a user-friendly software control console.

    Why Choose AdaptivCOOL?  

    bullet network Networks airflow pressure and thermal sensors with CRACs

    bullet analytics Cooling asset performance trending and thermal analytics    

    bullet pc Streamlined interface accessible on any device    

    bullet 24 7 Custom alert behaviors and notifications via email or SMS

  • Tile ServiceAirflow & Thermal Diagnostic Services

    AdaptivCOOL brings decades of airflow design and thermal engineering expertise to the data center industry and have assisted a range of high profile clients with thermal issue diagnostics, IT capacity planning, TCO reducion and airflow management challenges.

    Why Choose AdaptivCOOL?  

    bullet airflow Decades of Airflow Management & Design Expertise 

    bullet uptime Client IT Capacity Improvements ranging from 20-50%   

    bullet capacity Achieve True N+1 Airflow Redundancy for Uptime Protection   

    bullet wrench Free engineering consultation available for qualified clients