Air Velocity, Humidity, & Temperature Probe Sensor

The FH400 is a versatile and rugged, high-performance air velocity, temperature, and humidity sensor with both analog and digital communication outputs. Designed with conformal coated electronics and a sealed enclosure, the FH400 is suitable for demanding applications. With its robust, splash proof design and UV tolerant construction, the FH400 is designed to handle a wide range of critical product and process control applications. The FH400 is ideal for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and vivariums where climate conditions must be carefully controlled and monitored to prevent pathogen growth or harm to specimens. Every FH400 sensor is configured to order, with a variety of velocity ranges, mechanical lengths, and output communication styles available.





  • Industry-leading air velocity performance, with repeatability within 1%

  • Optimized flow geometry with segregation of velocity, humidity, and temperature elements for highest accuracy

  • <10 second start-up time and 400ms response time

  • Aerodynamic cross section to minimize flow disturbance

  • Multi-sensor addressing capability

  • Conformal coated sensing elements and electronics for environmental protection

  • 24VDC supply voltage 

  • Digital UART & I2C communication outputs available


Applications By Industry

  • laboratory & research
    • Vivarium monitoring

    • Air exchangers for animal caging
    • Clean Rooms

    • Containment Benches

    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing sites
    • Operating Rooms

    lab app 150x250
  • hvac
    • Medical Ventilation Systems

    • Pharmaceutical Factory HVAC Systems

    • HEPA filtration zones

    • Leak detection
    • Biosafety Cabinets & Chemical Fume Hoods

    hvac induct app 150x250
  • transportation
    • Specimen transport & animal caging

    • Controlled or hazardous material transport

    transporation auto app 150x250





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