Board Mount Digital Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor

The RFS300 is a reference design, air velocity sensor, used by clients looking for both the smallest footprint, and lowest profile, board-mounted airflow sensor on the market.  The electronic circuit is implemented directly on the client’s PCB assembly, and Degree Controls provides the sensing head and the programmed micro-processor, on tape or reel, ready for reflow or soldering. For customers looking for a board-mount airflow sensor which is fully-integrated and packaged, and ready for plug-and-play on their PCB assembly, the F660 is a slightly larger, but optimal choice.

The RFS300 may be calibrated for flow velocities from 0.15 - 20 m/s (30-4000 fpm), with accuracy up to 5% of reading. The RFS300 sensor uses the smallest possible sensor footprint, (6mm x 7mm), to provide maximum positioning flexibility for the client. The sensor is powered by local 15-18VDC and communicates across the existing I2C or UART bus.  Fully addressable on the I2C bus, the RFS300 is ideal for multi-point applications.  The RFS300 may also be configured to operate as an open drain switch, to provide normally open or normally closed operation.For some applications, a flow learning command may be used, transmitted over I2C, to allow for local calibration of the sensor after install. 

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  • Smallest dual sensing element with protective shroud

  • Provides fully linearized air velocity and air temperature

  • Drive circuit design supplied, for implementation on customer board

  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability

  • Low power consumption

  • Dedicated, configurable alarm on velocity or temperature

  • Addressing for up to 16 sensors on an I2C bus

  • On command calibration after installation on customer board

  • RoHS compliant


Applications By Industry

  • food service
    • Thermal load cards

    • Thermal Development & Test Boards

    • Embedded Computing Boards

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  • laboratory & research
    • High-precision ducted flow applications for incubation or culture growth

    • Embedded computing boards
    • Medical electronics

    lab app 150x250
  • information technology
    • Server boards

    • High lumen projector applications  

    • Thermal load cards

    • Thermal development and test boards

    it app 150x250
  • Telecommunications
    • Telecom communication and management cards

    • Server boards

    • Thermal load cards

    • Embedded computing boards

    telecom app 150x250
  • data center
    • Server boards

    • Thermal load cards

    • Controller cards

    • Thermal development and test boards

    data center app 150x250
  • hvac
    • HVAC controller cards

    • Heat recovery ventilators

    • High-precision ducted flow applications for incubation or culture growth

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