Bi-Directional Air Velocity Sensor

This product has been discontinued. For your bi-directional airflow sensing and controls needs, turn to our new and enhanced products, the Universal B500 and the Low Voltage B300.

The AVS Series is an air velocity sensor designed to measure low velocity. The optional remote sensing head allows for measurement of airflow in small and confined locations. Designed as an embedded product, the AVS thermistor-based sensor has long-term stability and durability. The AVS Series is ideal for cleanrooms and VAV controls. Available linear outputs include 0-10V or 4-20 mA. The AVS Series of airflow sensors is designed to directly measure airflow for embedded locations, such as cleanrooms, ductwork, and VAV systems. Directly obtaining airflow measurements eliminates the need for pressure pickup devices and conversion of pressure measurements to an airflow reading. The remote sensor allows the user to obtain measurements in small or tight locations, while the all solid-state technology gives the sensor stability and ruggedness. The processing electronics inside the AVS Series performs temperature compensation and linearization of output.







  • Bi-directional air velocity sensing (see F500 for uni-directional sensing)

  • Available linear outputs include 0-10V or 4-20 mA

  • Accuracy is +3% FSO at 21°C

  • User-specified velocity ranges available

  • Extremely sensitive for low velocity applications

  • Eliminates pitot tube, pressure sensors and tubing

  • Resistant to shock, vibration and over-pressure

  • 3 different packages include plastic, metal, and Universal cases


Applications By Industry

  • hvac
    • Duct flow reversal

    • Air balancing (TABS)

    • Curing & Coating Applications

    • Clean Manufacturing
    hvac induct app 150x250
  • laboratory & research
    • Clean Rooms

    • Chemical fume hoods

    • Animal Cages

    • Biological Safety Cabinets
    lab app 150x250
  • information technology
    • Electronics Cooling Validation

    • Prototyping

    • Rack cabinet air flow trending

    it app 150x250





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