300T / 305

Electronic Air Flow Switch

**End of life notice:  This model is superceded by the S300 and S400 switches, which enjoy superior response, accuracy and repeatability.  The S300 and S400 are backwards compatible to the 300T/305T, but offer totally configurable alarm delay, alarm reset point, and are available in both open drain and relay style output.  For the most advanced switches on the market, please see the S300 and S400 air velocity switches.**

The Series 300/305 Airflow Switch is a line of highly reliable solid-state electronic switches, designed to monitor air velocity in critical environments such as cleanrooms and semiconductor fabrication facilities, and as well as in traditional electronic enclosures. These compact, easy-to-install units detect loss of airflow below a pre-programmed setpoint, and provide a fast and distinct warning of airflow deterioration. Designed to replace traditional "sail" or "vane" switches, the Series 300 air velocity switch offers unparalleled resistance to shock and vibration. The Series 300 may be either uni-directional or bi-directional. The uni-directional model discriminates between forward and reversed airflow, indicating a fault if the airflow direction reverses. The bi-directional model accepts airflows from either of two opposing directions; it triggers an alarm when airflow falls below the setpoint. The output of the Series 300 can be used to drive computer logic or it can activate alarms, relays or other circuits. For normally-open switches, the air velocity above the trip point means that the switch will stay "open". 



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  • All solid-state technology

  • Ideal for monitoring low flows

  • Hysteresis-free

  • Available in uni-directional or bi-directional versions

  • Performance is not affected by dirt and vibration

  • Processing electronics are not required

  • No need for user calibration

  • Choice of standard or customized calibrations


Applications By Industry

  • food service
    • Kitchen ventilation systems

    • Ductwork

    • Exhaust apertures

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  • laboratory & research
    • Clean Rooms

    • Medical HVAC Systems
    • Baffles and Containment Barriers

    • Operating rooms

    • Air exchangers for animal caging
    lab app 150x250
  • Telecommunications
    • Electronic enclosures

    • IT rack cabinets

    • Facility ventilation systems

    • Exhaust grates
    telecom app 150x250
  • hvac
    • Exhaust vents 

    • Ductwork

    • HEPA filtration zones

    hvac induct app 150x250
  • information technology
    • Semiconductor fabrication facilities

    • Electronic enclosure ventilation 

    it app 150x250
  • transportation
    • Specimen transport

    • Leak detection in ventilations systems

    transporation auto app 150x250
  • data center
    • IT cabinet enclosure ventilation

    • Data Center Ventilation Systems

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Application Note

new Solid-State vs. Mechanical Switches

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