UAS Series

Air Velocity Sensors with USB Output

The UAS1000, UAS1100 and UAS2000 Series are air velocity and air temperature sensors for the °C Port3600 and °C Port1200 Measurement Systems. The UAS Sensors offer unimpaired access to tight locations, improved measurement accuracy, ease of installation, multipoint measurement, rugged construction, and a variety of probe types and sensor heads. The UAS1000 offers three unique sensor head styles, remotely located on a 5 meter shielded cable, providing access in remote and compact locations. These small heads cause minimal distortion of the true airflow profile, and air velocity and airflow temperature measurements are obtained at the same time. The micro airflow sensor UAS2000 is purposely built for accessing air velocity and temperature data within tight regions of space typically found in dense electronic products.






  • Collect and record real-time air Velocity & ambient temperature data on your PC.
  • Measure flow in tight locations previously not feasible with our UAS2000 option.

  • Accuracy of 5% of reading, compensated from 0-70°C

  • Available velocity ranges span from .15 m/s - 20 m/s (30-4000fpm)

  • Aggregate up to 36 data points with our °C Port3600 DAQ instrument

  • Designed for use with the AccuTracTM data acquisition software platform,  a robust analytics, graphing, and data logging solution for Windows® operating systems. Licenses are available for purchase online.

  • Purchase Companion °C Port Data Acquisition Instruments Online!


Applications By Industry

  • transportation
    • Interior cabin comfort optimization

    • Air balancing (TABS)

    • Thermal design validation

    • Prototype testing
    • Airflow & thermal trending in engine compartments 

    transporation auto app 150x250
  • Aerospace
    • Interior cabin comfort testing

    • Air balancing for personal comfort

    • Ventilation system testing and analysis

    • Computational fluid dynamics testing

    • Thermal trending in engine compartments

    transporation aero app 150x250
  • laboratory & research
    • Laminar & sash flow profile measurement

    • HEPA filter testing
    • NSF/ANSI-49 compliance

    • Canopy & chemical fume hoods design

    • Biosafety cabinet design & validation
    lab app 150x250
  • Telecommunications
    • Remote environmental data logging

    • Thermal trending in IT racks and equipment

    • Surface condensation and humidity analysis

    • Ventilation system commissioning

    telecom app 150x250
  • food service
    • Industrial Food Service Equipment Certification

    • Ventilation System Testing

    • Ductwork analysis

    • OSHA compliance

    • Personnel comfort zone evaluation

    food service app 150x250
  • data center
    • IT Rack Temperature Measurement

    • Perforated floor tile airflow (CFM) measurement

    • Server exhaust/intake analysis

    • Computational Fluid Dynamics Testing
    • Containment aisle flow validation

    data center app 150x250
  • hvac
    • Personal Comfort Zone Testing

    • Air balancing (TABS)

    • Heat exchanger multipoint analysis

    • HEPA filter testing

    • Ductwork & Ventilation System Commissioning
    hvac induct app 150x250
  • information technology
    • PCB air impedance testing 

    • Server fan analysis

    • Computational fluid dynamics testing

    • Thermal Design validation
    • Filter clog testing

    it app 150x250


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