°C Grid

Planar Airflow & Thermal Sensor Array

Sophisticated automotive cabin comfort and real-time air flow performance are more important than ever to consumers. Airflow management is no longer only controlled by a driver; instead, zonal control is available to occupants, whose comfort demands are dynamic and individualized. To quantify the performance of airflow systems in vehicles, a grid array of multiple airflow sensors is required. This is not feasible with single point measurement devices such as hand-held probe style anemometers which interfere with the airflow profile and are generally non-repeatable. 

   Using the °C Grid system, clients are able to design criteria for air velocity and temperature, in order to create performance-based test and measurement plans. These tests can be reused to baseline the performance of automotive cabins and determine effects upon airflow profiles. Each sensor location in the °C Grid provides real-time velocity and temperature of the airflow. Paired with the datalogging software, users can change the data polling rate, unit of measure, and view multiple point airflow and temperature readings acquired in real-time by their PC. The sensor array is built to user-defined dimensions and can accommodate an array of designs including portable grids and multi-tiered, wheeled racks. 

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