Multipoint Data Acquisition Software

Paired with the DegreeC USB-based °C Port family of data acquisition instruments, our AccuTrac™ software collects air velocity, air temperature, as well as humidity and altitude (or barometric pressure) data real-time and displays, saves, reviews, graphs, and prints without export to another program. The Windows®-based AccuTrac™ transforms your PC into a powerful test and analysis system. With user-friendliness as a core feature, AccuTrac™ increases measurement visibility, reduces overall testing time, and allows testing of complex scenarios. Users are able to view on-screen, real-time graphing data as well as thermal mapping, or can choose to export and view at a later time. By adjusting sampling rates, users can change resolution and minimize the effects of turbulence to fit the required testing environment. Additionally, the polling interval (interval between readings) can be adjusted to further fine-tune testing scenarios (in minutes or seconds). 






  • Real-time air velocity, humidity and temperature data logging

  • Save/Export data in universal file formats (.xlsx, .csv, .jpeg)

  • Easy-to-use graphing, spreadsheets, and reporting tools

  • Compensation for Altitude and barometric pressure

  • Automatically inserts flow range and calibration date of each sensor into spreadsheets

  • Customize start and stop times for tests

  • Create customized labels for sensors

  • Ideal for planar flow field measurement application
  • Designed for use with our laboratory-grade USB air velocity, temperature, and humidity sensors, our ºC SPAR sensor pole array, and our data acquisitions the ºC Port 1200 (12 data points) and the ºC Port3600 (36+ data points).  Our air velocity sensors utilize constant temperature anemometry to achieve the most accurate readings in the smallest available package.


Purchase Licenses Online

Single Channel: $100
(No Annual Renewal) 

2-4 Channels: $300 
(No Annual Renewal)

5-12 Channels: $1,000
($300 Annual Renewal)

13-36 Channels$1,800
($600 Annual Renewal)

37+ Channels$3,500
($1,500 Annual Renewal)



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Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10

  • 1.0 GHz processor

  • 2 GB Ram

Companion Sensors & Instruments Designed for AccuTracTM Software Platform