To be recognized as the world’s leading source of airflow and thermal management solutions for the most demanding applications.

Core Competencies:

  • Environmental Sensing, Measurement & Data Collection
  • Testing & Compliance Validation Instruments for Critical Industries
  • Application-Specific Digital, Thermal & Process Controllers 
  • Thermal Management Design & Consulting Services
  • Prototype Design Validation & Testing
  • Facility Infrastructure Monitoring

Leading Technology Brands:


 brands accusense

Industry leader in Multipoint Airflow Measurement, known for accuracy, repeatability, and diversity in data collection topologies.
 brands accutrac

DAQ Software that is easy to use, but robust enough for the most complext test & evaluation scenarios.
 brands adaptivcool

Data Center Cooling, Monitoring & Mangement Solutions for Mission-Critical Servers.
 brands cbreeze Visualization Instrument for certifying airflow in laboratories and leak detection in ventilation applications.
 brands dbc Cooling Resource Management combining hardware & software with an intuitive user interface.
 brands prontoflow Scalable thermal and airflow controllers for embedded applications.
 brands rooster      

Research Laboratory and Contained Space airflow alarm monitor with mechanical systems controls.

Tags: air flow analysis