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DegreeC launches high performance Airflow Switch product platform with advanced digital relay capabilities and models for use in directional and non-directional flow scenarios. 

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    Following the success of our versatile and robust platform of air velocity sensor probes, DegreeC is proud to announce the launch of a new product line of Airflow Switches designed for a range of critical environments and flow applications. The hallmark of DegreeC airflow sensing and control products is unrivaled customer choice and customization. With our Airflow Switch product line, users determine mechanical features like probe dimensions and required installation hardware.  For greater versatility, our airflow switches are available in directional (discriminates between forward and reversed airflow) and non-directional models (detects airflows from either of two opposing directions). In addition, our Switch products can be configured to signal in open drain or relay styles, with advanced digital communication options available at request. Our two models, the low voltage S300, and the 24VDC S400, accommodate the full range of supply voltages encountered in the field. Unlike traditional "sail" or "vane" switches, our solid-state switch products offer unparalleled resistance to shock or vibration and perform at a trip point accuracy of up to 5%. As with many of our products, our Airflow Switch models can be ordered online and shipped to our customers within 2 business days. Explore the Airflow Switch platform on our online store.



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