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DegreeC and AdaptivCOOL to exhibit at  data center themed Semi-Therm conference

li degreec semitherm 2017 ACOOL

At this year's 33rd annual Semi-Therm Conference in San Jose, electronics component manufacturers and designers will be brought into conversation with the mission-critical data center industry by way of a unique partnership with AFCOM. For decades, degreeC airflow sensing and control elements have been designed into multi-scalar electronics architectures. Building on the success of our thermal management expertise in electronics cooling at the PCB scale, our AdaptivCOOL technology brand has been innovating new ways to optimize airflow and cooling performance in data centers. The innovative AdaptivCOOL portfolio for data centers spans a range of facility or point-scale solutions including self-balancing air-movers for rack-level cooling optimization, thermal sensor networkscooling infrastructure automation software, and industry-specific instrumentation for measuring and visualizing data center airflow.