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Degree Controls, Inc. introduces 12-channel airflow measurement and datalogging instrument for compact applications.

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Degree Controls, Inc. introduces 12-channel airflow measurement and datalogging instrument.

Customers requiring multi-channel air velocity, humidity and temperature measurement instrumentation, with web sharing and datalogging capabilities, are looking at the °C Port1200, a 12-channel airflow instrument from Degree Controls.  This product is the compact alternative to the 36 channel °C Port3600, and is ideal for data logging and airflow analyses in smaller-scale applications.

The °C Port1200 aggregates data from up to 12 sensors designed for minimal airflow disruption and can simultaneously measure air velocity, air and surface temperatures, and humidity at multiple points. With built-in atmospheric pressure and humidity compensation, experiments are easily repeatable and yield reliable, accurate results under variable environmental conditions. The latest web-enabled AccuTracTM Plus software provides streamlined data acquisition, sharing, analysis and reporting for multiple users across the globe on the PC or mobile device.

The °C Port1200 is network-connected, allowing experimental data to be monitored by multiple users over any smartphone or computing device. Promoting global collaboration, and monitoring of experiments by remote users, Degree Controls has created a common vantage point for the whole engineering team, allowing them to watch their products' thermal performance in real-time! By automatically compensating for changing environmental humidity and pressure, long term datalogging experiments can be run remotely, with ease and significant time savings.

When complex airflow testing scenarios are needed for optimal product design, single-point measurement is often time-consuming and impossible to repeat. Whether measuring velocity profiles across blades and board components for critical electronics, or tracing flow patterns over planar spaces such as biosafety cabinets, chemical fume hoods, building ducts, and personal comfort spaces, the °C Port1200 is the most versatile instrument available on the market for real-time, multipoint data collection and analysis.

For decades, the ATM24, ATM2400, and its line of USB-Series Sensors from Degree Controls, Inc. have served as the industry standard product for multichannel airflow and temperature measurement.





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