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    Robust analog and digital sensors configured for precision and reliability.

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    Relay or open-drain airflow switches with corrosion-resistant designs.

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    Thermal management and process controls for mission-critical applications.

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Laboratory-grade tools for empirical airflow, humidity and thermal analysis.

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Sanitary fog instruments for airflow pattern visualization and leak detection.

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Multipoint data acquisition and facility monitoring for PC and Mobile.

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Configurable alarming and monitoring solutions for airflow safety & compliance.

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Design expertise in custom airflow and thermal management solutions.

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Award-winning airflow & thermal management products available for purchase online.


At DegreeC, we take customer feedback seriously so we can achieve a high standard of excellence and performance across our portfolio of airflow sensors, instruments, and control solutions. For decades, our diverse customer base has relied on multipoint sensing and data acquisition instruments to perform detailed analyses of airflow, temperature, and humidity across complex flow fields, and in multi-duct systems. In the spirit of empowering our customer base with more robust and user-friendly tools for their experimentation, DegreeC has redesigned the AccuTrac software suite from the ground up. The new AccuTrac software speeds up your research process, displaying the information you need more efficiently and intuitively.  Read more... https://lnkd.in/et8DjQC

3 Months, 23 Days Ago

Multi-point air velocity measurement accomplishes what hand held, single-point anemometers cannot. Degree Controls’ °C Port Family of Data Acquisition Instruments are ideal for applications where multiple airflow data-points must be collected rapidly and in real-time. Conducting these tests while modifying external parameters to examine effects on the airflow profile, are simply not possibly with bulky, single-point devices.

4 Months, 14 Days Ago

DegreeC debuts redesign of the only bi-directional, high-performance, air velocity and air temperature sensor on the market. Maintaining degreeC's commitment to customer feedback and innovative engineering, the new low-voltage B300 and universal B500 sensor models measure flow amplitude, directionality, temperature, and air velocity via digital and analog communication styles. For HVAC applications where minute changes in directionality and speed of airflow are vital for testing the performance and safety of critical ventilation systems, the new B-Series  platform by degreeC sets a new standard in precision, reliability, and versatility. https://lnkd.in/gWbQ8-f

4 Months, 20 Days Ago

Join degreeC at this year’s Critical Facilities Summit located at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, NM on October 23 – 25th. Stop by booth #506 and get to know our experienced engineers on how AdaptivCOOL’s Intelligent Airflow is engineered to better measure, automate, and control the airflow in your data center.

6 Months, 5 Days Ago

DegreeC invites you to join us at the 60th Annual Biological Safety Conference at the Albuquerque Convention Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where our engineering team will be showcasing the latest in both standard and custom controls for the critical containment industry. Stop by booth #411 for a demo of our next-generation airflow safety monitoring solutions. https://lnkd.in/eV5Enc7

6 Months, 15 Days Ago

Drawing on decades of airflow measurement and management expertise in the design of specialized sensors and instruments in laboratories, clean rooms, dense electronic enclosures, and ventilation systems, degreeC makes visualization of airflow patterns easier than ever – with our platform of portable, laboratory-grade, Airflow Visualization instruments, the °C Breeze and FlowMarker. Whether designing for high performance, air cooled electronics, ensuring critical facilities are in compliance, or optimizing airflow based processes, degreeC laboratory-grade, airflow visualizations tools deliver the accuracy and reliability that professionals require.

7 Months, 19 Days Ago

Measure air velocity and temperature with the best-in-class sensor accuracy on the market. Our sensors are designed with both analog and digital outputs to provide ease of use, and maximum configurability in the field. Countless products, processes, and environments are monitored, alarmed, and controlled by our line of embedded air velocity sensors for clients who are designing a velocity sensor into their product, or who are in need of a monitoring solution, data logger, process controller, switch or alarm device, we have a sensor to meet your needs. Follow the link below to download our newest Embedded Sensor Catalog or contact us at sales@degreeC.com for your physical copy: https://lnkd.in/dM-27zy

8 Months, 1 Day Ago

Following the success of our versatile and robust platform of air velocity sensor products, DegreeC is proud to announce the launch of a new product line of Airflow & Temperature Switches designed for a range of critical environments and flow applications. Press Release: https://lnkd.in/dwFR8FW

8 Months, 10 Days Ago

Industries Served

DegreeC engineers airflow and delivers innovative solutions to thermal issues in a variety of mission-critical applications. We make environmental sensors, instruments for system performance testing, and control solutions that deliver precise air flow where and when it is needed most. We do this at all scales of system infrastructure from miniature sensors for process controls in circuit board environments to comprehensive ventilation and cooling system controls for critical facilities. Industry leaders from a wide variety of markets turn to us for their airflow and thermal management needs - explore the solutions we offer for your industry:


pdf button  Air Velocity Sensor Catalog

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Your Partner for Airflow Sensing & Controls

Degree Controls, Inc. introduces next-generation Multi-point Airflow Measurement Instrument, with enhanced accuracy and mobile access.

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Degree Controls, Inc. introduces next-generation Multi-point Airflow Measurement Instrument, with enhanced accuracy and mobile access.

Degree Controls, Inc. is proud to announce the latest addition to its Cambridge AccusenseTM brand of sensing systems - the °C Port3600, a portable, multi-point airflow measurement instrument designed for complex data collection using the AccuTracTM software toolset. The
°C Port3600 aggregates up to 36 sensors designed for minimal airflow disruption and can simultaneously measure air velocity, air and surface temperatures, and humidity at multiple locations. With built-in atmospheric pressure and humidity compensation, experiments are easily repeatable and yield reliable, accurate results under variable environmental conditions. The latest web-enabled AccuTracTM Plus software provides streamlined data acquisition, sharing, analysis and reporting for multiple users across the globe on the PC or mobile device.

The °C Port3600 is network-connected, allowing experimental data to be monitored by multiple users over any smartphone or computing device. This promotes global collaboration, monitoring of experiments by remote users, and brings a common vantage point for the whole engineering team, allowing them to watch their products' thermal performance in real-time! By automatically compensating for changing environmental humidity and pressure, long term datalogging experiments can be run remotely, with ease and significant time savings.

When numerous and complex test scenarios are needed for optimal product engineering, single-point measurement is often time-consuming and difficult to repeat. Whether measuring velocity profiles across blades and board components for critical electronics, or tracing flow patterns over planar spaces such as biosafety cabinets, chemical fume hoods, building ducts, and personal comfort spaces, the °C Port3600 is now the most versatile instrument available on the market for real-time, multipoint data collection and analysis.

For nearly two decades, the ATM24, ATM2400, and its line of USB Series Sensors from Degree Controls, Inc. have served as the industry standard product for multichannel airflow and temperature measurement. Watch our video or read more about our latest product, the °C Port3600 here.





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