EF, Electronic Focused, Airflow Sensor – Space Savings & Flexibility for Compact Electronics

uas 1000 ef sensor from degree controls is ideal for electronics
September 11, 2020 | Posted By: Steve Carter

Our UAS1000 line of precise, easy-placement airflow sensors designed for single or multi-point measurement, with convenient USB output for data collection, just got better. Degree Controls is pleased to announce the latest addition to our UAS1000 Series of air velocity and air temperature sensors used with °C Port3600/ °C Port1200 Multipoint Measuring Instruments, the new UAS1000 EFelectronics focused sensor head, designed for spatial airflow measurement within printed circuit board assemblies (pcbas) and electronics systems and enclosures.

uas 1000 ef sensor on circuit board

The compact EF sensor head uses an ultra-flexible, flat cable which exits the sensor body at a right-angle in order to provide maximum flexibility for mounting in printed circuit board applications, without need to bend the cable junction.

UAS1000 EF is Ideal for Dense Electronics

The electronics focused sensor head, UAS1000 EF, is ideal for:

  • validating thermal and airflow models quickly & accurately,
  • maintaining stable and reliable systems operation with real time airflow feedback, and
  • providing rapid response to fan failure, or airflow blockage, before critical components are damaged.
close up detail of uas 1000 ef

Easy Integration of High Accuracy UAS1000 EF for Multi-Point Experimentation and Product Testing

The UAS1000 EF performs, it’s compact, and is easily integrated into your pcb assembly or system enclosure.

  • The EF measures air velocity and airflow temperature simultaneously with your choice of sensor range, 0.5 m/s to 10 m/s (100-2000 fpm) or 0.15 m/s to 20 m/s (30-4000 fpm), and is capable of measuring with ± 3% accuracy.
  • The small EF sensor head causes minimal distortion of the true airflow profile and provides for flexible placement in limited space environments. It is remotely located on a high flex flat cable with thin cross section (<1mm), enabling access to distant, space constrained locations such as between semiconductor devices, heat sinks, and inside ducts and plenums. 
  • The high flex, flat cable bends readily, adapting to the mounting area. It’s thin, low profile allows it to slide into tight spaces where round cable equivalents cannot fit, and the small footprint UAS1000 EF is easily secured in place with a cable tie or adhesive. 
  • A convenient, USB output for data collection connects to your °C Port data acquisition systems, for multi-point experimentation involving up to 180 sensors simultaneously.

Contact Degree Controls for airflow measurement and monitoring solutions suited for your high-density pcbas, and please, keep watching for our next application specific UAS1000 sensor head!

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