Downdraft Table Airflow Kept Safe With Rooster™ Sensor100

February 23, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The Rooster Sensor100 with color display is a fully calibrated, out of box solution, ready for continuous tracking of air velocity or volumetric flow.

Facility Managers and regulatory bodies pay special attention to airflow measurement for the safety of personnel and efficiency of environmental control methods. Control techniques used in industrial applications depend on feedback from airflow measurement devices. The Rooster™ Sensor100 monitors critical downdraft table airflow in food processing, metal fabrication, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, and other industrial sectors, empowering users with real time feedback.

The Rooster Sensor100 is the premier air velocity sensor with included color display module. It is an out of the box solution, fully calibrated, and ready to track air velocity or volumetric flow continuously. Sensor100 provides a visual representation of airflow, letting staff know if downdraft systems are operating as designed. With a responsive touch panel display, safety personnel can configure alarm set points and output behaviors with or without gloves on. In addition, by using the Rooster’s analog control output to adjust fan speed in response to changes in velocity, system airflows are kept at safe and constant levels. Other features include ease of operation, audible and remote alarming, and night setback mode for energy saving operations.

Downdraft Table Airflow
Keep Downdraft Table Airflow Safe and Compliant With The Rooster™ Sensor100

Take advantage of all the benefits Rooster Sensor100 has to offer, have confidence that downdraft benches and tables are operating as they should be, improve engineering controls, and experience better process control with continuous airflow measurement feedback. Sensor100 is also well suited for laminar flow cabinets and grossing workstations.

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