DegreeC’s New °C Port Wi-Fi Data Acquisition Instruments for Multipoint Measurements of Air Velocity, Temperature, and Humidity

c port wifi capability
June 11, 2020 | Posted By: Jan Fischer

°C Port multipoint sensing instruments have been used by designers, engineers, and data analysts for critical airflow testing for more than 20 years, and we’ve made them even better.
DegreeC is proud to announce the new °C Port Wi-Fi instruments designed to enhance the user experience and provide additional flexibility and connectivity options. These new and improved versions of our tried-and-true °C Port data acquisition instruments feature new wireless connection options along with a built-in LCD display for easy viewing of network connection and IP address information.

Users can choose to integrate °C Port Wi-Fi instruments into their network using the available Ethernet communication interface or new Wi-Fi communications for remote monitoring of airflow experiments. Wireless communication options include a Wi-Fi network mode of operation as well as a direct Wi-Fi mode, where the PC connects directly to the Wi-Fi broadcasted by the °C Port. New AccuTrac™ software guides you through your choice of airflow sensor connection method and improvements to AccuTrac™’s user interface make multipoint airflow experimentation easier and even more efficient.

Key features of our °C Port Wi-Fi instruments include:

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi interface communications for remote monitoring of experiments.
  • Wi-Fi network and direct Wi-Fi communication options, with connection type selectable using our AccuTrac™ software.
  • AccuTrac™ software platform for data logging and robust multipoint analysis.
  • Static or dynamically assigned IP addresses for easy network integration.
  • Built-in LCD display allows users to easily view the assigned IP address.
  • Barometric pressure compensation is built-in for best accuracy and repeatability.
  • The °C Port3600 accommodates up to 36 measurement points, and the °C Port1200 has 12 sensor channels for smaller-scale applications.
  • °C Ports support Degree Controls’ complete product line of USB airflow sensors and °C SPAR linear sensor arrays.
c port wifi network with sensors

DegreeC offers an upgrade path for customers with legacy °C Port products. Call us today for trade-in discounts to upgrade to our latest products! See °C Port Wi-Fi instrument datasheets for additional detail, and feel free to contact a DegreeC representative with questions.

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