Data Center Airflow Management with Airflow Direction Sensor

June 21, 2021 | Posted By: Alex Sargent

Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) is essential to protecting IT gear and optimizing data center performance. Containment strategies that restrict the mixing of hot and cold air within data centers can significantly increase cooling capacity and reduce energy costs. Cold aisle containment systems isolate server supply air using physical barriers, whereas hot aisle containment systems isolate server exhaust air.

Data center airflow management using bi-directional airflow sensors to determine flow direction and flow reversals.
The B-Series airflow sensors provide real-time data for air velocity, temperature, flow direction, and flow reversals and are used by Data Center Managers to monitor cold aisles.

With containment systems, any flow reversal affects efficiencies. Consequently, data center managers install airflow sensors to measure and monitor air direction at different points within containment systems. As an example, Degree Controls B-Series bi-directional airflow sensors are installed at cold aisle end doors to determine flow direction and detect flow reversals, as well as monitor air velocity and temperature in real-time. In this scenario, flow direction sensors are essentially monitoring the positive pressurization of cold aisles, ensuring that hot air does not leak in. By tracking both air velocity and direction, supply and exhaust fans can be adjusted to their lowest levels for maximum energy savings, and data center personnel are immediately alerted to changes in airflow which may be the result of obstructions or HVAC system failures.
(Note: ASHRAE Standard 90.4 establishes minimum energy efficiency requirements of data centers.)

B-Series bi-directional airflow sensors are rugged and versatile with conformal coated electronics and sealed enclosures. They are also configured to order, with a variety of choices for probe length, air velocity range, and analog/digital output communication style.

Install DegreeC’s B-Series bi-directional airflow sensors to protect your data centers and reach peak operating efficiencies.

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