Configurable Air Velocity and Temperature Switch

March 3, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Configurable air velocity and temperature switch with advanced output capability generates an alarm signal to safeguard systems and environments.

Configurable Air Velocity and Temperature Switch
Configurable Air Velocity and Temperature Switch, S-Series Platform

Degree Controls S-Series air velocity and temperature switches generate alarms when airflow exceeds a calibrated setpoint, activate devices in response to airflow, and protect equipment from being energized.  Robust, versatile S-Series switches are a logical choice for upgrading vane or paddle flow switches.

S300/S400/S500 S-Series switches are configurable, so that users may select the switch that best fits their airflow application.  With the superior output capability of S-Series switches, the relay or open drain output may be augmented with digital communication, either UART or I2C.  Unique in kind, switches can trip on air velocity and/or air temperature and have a wide velocity range.

S-Series switches may be dynamically configured and purchased on our website.  Choices are available for input voltage, probe length, output style, and trip point, among others.  Get the performance you’ve been looking for with air velocity and temperature switches from Degree Controls, upgrade the way in which fans, filters, and duct airflow are monitored in ventilation systems.

If you have questions or need information on Degree Controls air velocity and temperature switches, please contact Alex Sargent, embedded sensor technology expert, by emailing

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