Cleanroom Foggers Demonstrate NSF/ANSI 49 Compliance

September 8, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Cleanroom Foggers for Dynamic Smoke Studies

Cleanroom fogger
Foggers for Airflow Pattern Testing

Degree Controls cleanroom foggers test containment in all types of laboratories including:

  • analytical & quality laboratories testing the conformity of products and materials,
  • compounding laboratories creating unique medications, and
  • chemical laboratories developing advanced materials,

and they are also used to verify airflow patterns in manufacturing and R&D processes.

Our visualization tools produce a non-toxic fog to reveal airflow patterns and demonstrate flow paths. °C Breeze and FlowMarker™ fogger kits are portable, handheld, and easy to operate.  With the °C Breeze, additional nozzle assemblies are available for hard to reach ingress/leakage points, slow flow environments, and planar flow, ideal for dispersing fog across the face areas of critical containment cabinets.  Our high-end FlowMarker™ offers tamper resistant fog fluid for contamination-free testing, as well as options for hose extension and remote control.

Whether you’re performing smoke visualization tests for ASHRAE 110 fume hood testing, testing clean environments used for the manufacture of LiDAR instruments and laser scanners, or developing air conditioning systems for vehicles, our clean room foggers are ideal for dynamic smoke studies, documenting unidirectional airflow, and identifying turbulence.  Visit our product pages to learn more, or contact one of our experts.

The Downloads & Media section of °C Breeze and FlowMarker™ product pages includes an overview video of DegreeC’s airflow visualization instruments.

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