b-series sensor redesign
Posted By: Adnan Sehic

DegreeC continues to lead the industry in bi-directional air velocity and ambient temperature sensing with the redesign of the AVS product line. Maintaining degreeC’s commitment to customer feedback and innovative engineering, the new low voltage B300 and universal B500 sensor models measure flow amplitude, temperature, velocity and directionality via digital and analog communication styles. For HVAC applications where minute changes in […]

Posted By: Steven Gonzalez

Degree Controls, Inc. has completed online ordering for Airflow Instrumentation products. Qualifying web orders will ship within 2 business days of receipt. This is part of DegreeC’s ongoing commitment to providing research and development tools quickly, to keep their customer’s engineering, development and test program moving on their schedule.  *For higher volume or bulk orders, we may […]

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