c spar measurement accuracy
Posted By: Jan Fischer

DegreeC’s °C SPAR Sensor Pole Array system has higher airflow measurement accuracy and is available to you now. The advanced, high accuracy, °C SPAR is capable of measuring with ± 3% accuracy, in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 110 and NSF 49 standards for laboratory fume hood and biosafety cabinet testing. It is the first multipoint linear array to meet the stringent 3% requirement, answering […]

Rooster Monitor200 with bacnet
Posted By: John Callanan

Degree Controls is pleased to announce the RoosterTM Monitor200 with BACnet® MS/TP communication, our premier airflow monitor for chemical fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, and other critical containment applications.  The RoosterTM Monitor200 with BACnet® MS/TP communication is a new generation of airflow alarm and monitor for advanced users. This forward looking, flexible, airflow alarm and monitor is based on the proven functionality […]

high accuracy with degree controls uas sensors
Posted By: Jan Fischer

Advanced UAS1000 Series, LP, PC, Wand sensor heads have higher airflow measurement accuracy! Degree Controls is pleased to announce the April 2020 launch of higher airflow measurement accuracy sensor heads for our UAS1000 Series of USB air velocity and temperature sensors. The advanced, high accuracy, UAS1000 Low Profile (LP), Plastic Cap (PC) and Wand sensor heads are capable of measuring […]

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we are closely monitoring the ever-changing developments of this pandemic.  Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, partners, and communities we surround ourselves with each day, while continuing to serve our customers and preserving the strength of our business. Our thoughts are with those directly […]

f series sensors and sensor heads
Posted By: Alex Sargent

Embedded air velocity sensors by Degree Controls provide airflow solutions for demanding laboratory, HVAC and electronics applications. The F-Series platform of non-directional air velocity and temperature sensors is robust and provides users with powerful versatility. The high-performance F-Series platform: uses dual-sensing elements to measure air velocity and temperature simultaneously, is rugged with sealed construction and conformal coated electronics, […]

New Rooster monitors and alarms from DegreeC
Posted By: Steve Carter

Degree Controls designed the Rooster™ platform for airflow safety compliance and to empower users with functionality, reliability and ease of use. We remain committed to development of airflow-critical solutions in order to provide our clients with the products they need to stay competitive. Innovations make your airflow measurement experience better Our all-new Rooster™ Pressure100 is shipping now. The Pressure100 is […]

New Rooster Features
Posted By: John Callanan

Degree Controls listens to our users when they tell us what they need, and we’re always working to improve our products. We are pleased to announce the rollout of new features for the Rooster™ Monitor100 airflow monitoring and alarm system. Key new features to benefit your critical containment applications include: Event data logging with USB export Configurable alarm […]

embedded sensors from degree controls
Posted By: Steve Carter

DegreeC will be demonstrating a complete line of Air Velocity Sensors at Semi-Therm this year. These are ideal for the semiconductor industry because they are high-performance and solderable and allow for the measurement of air velocity, temperature, humidity and pressure at a single point or at multiple points. Come see us in BOOTH #105 and learn about […]

custom air velocity switches from degree controls
Posted By: Alex Sargent

Many products use ON/OFF devices such as sail switches to signal the loss or presence of airflow, but these legacy switches fail to offer the level of intelligence needed in today’s electronic and industrial products, and suffer from material deposition-related drift on their large surface areas. Turbulent flows typically found in enclosure applications, require tunable […]

flow-through sensor
Posted By: Alex Sargent

While probe sensors are the most widely used in the industry when it comes to certifying air velocity in fume hoods and biosafety cabinets, longer-term particulate and chemical exposure degrades accuracy and reliability over time, and within cabinets with a movable sash and a local fan, correlating duct-to-face velocity can be particularly difficult. In order […]

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