°C Point Thermo-Anemometer with Universal Mounting

September 20, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Easily Implement Telescoping and Articulating Probe Arrangements with Standard, Off-the-Shelf Components

°C Point Thermo-Anemometer Has An Extended Length Sensor Head Option for Duct Traversals
°C Point Thermo-Anemometer Has An Extended Length Sensor Head Option for Duct Traversals

Thanks to all who visited us at the CETA Annual Meeting in August. It was really nice to see you. We thought it might be helpful to outline how °C Point’s universal mounting and interchangeable probes can facilitate sensor positioning and give you access to hard-to-reach measurement locations.

With the °C Point thermo-anemometer, you have ¼-20 compatibility. The anemometer base includes a standard ¼-20 connection to interface with a wide range of commercially available camera mounts and adapters. As a result, °C Point is easily mounted in many different ways to accommodate the varied environments where air velocity and temperature need to be measured. 

One of our clients uses °C Point with an adjustable mounting system to measure the face velocity of chemical fume hoods. A telescoping pole, or monopod, has a standard 1/4″-20 screw to attach °C Point. The pole is fit to a t-track which runs parallel to the width of the fume hood. °C Point moves across the sash opening via the t-track system, and sensor height adjustments are made with the telescoping pole. With this setup, it’s straightforward for the certifier to position the sensor head at the center of each grid sector to measure face velocity across the sash plane. What’s more, the pole’s ball joint allows for 360-degree rotation of the °C Point and up to 90-degree tilt. Flexible articulating probe arrangements such as this have proven extremely useful in low headroom spaces and for accessing out of the way measurement locations. 

°C Point is not susceptible to the kind of damage other measuring devices are prone to. With extension/retraction mechanisms external to °C Point, there is no need to push on the sensor head to retract the probe. °C Point features Bluetooth-enabled data acquisition, so there is no cord that gets caught internally when the probe is retracted.  

°C Point sensor heads are interchangeable and easily swapped out in the field. For duct traversals or air velocity measurements at ceiling diffusers, the standard sensor head can be replaced with our extended length sensor to increase °C Point’s reach.

As we work on new requirements for the °C Point anemometer platform, we’ve been going through feedback from our clients, customers, and colleagues. We’ve heard from many of you, and we want to thank you for sharing your insight and experience. We appreciate talking with you.

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