°C Grate Volumetric Airflow Measurement

January 31, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Collect the data for your efficiency conversations.

°C Grate volumetric airflow measurement

Are you a facility manager, commissioning agent, or designer of ACU (air conditioning unit) products who needs to assess ventilation efficiency? Is your raised floor cooling system operating properly? Collect the data and identify problem areas with the °C Grate volumetric airflow measurement system, purpose-built for testing flow rates through floor tiles in data centers, office spaces, medical facilities, and cleanrooms.

The °C Grate measurement tool uses a comprehensive array of 16 sensors to directly measure air velocity and temperature, simultaneously, across a perforated floor tile. °C Grate was specifically designed to overcome the inherent inaccuracy of balometers and flow hoods, which restrict tile airflow and generally force airflow through neighboring tiles, causing erroneous readings that ultimately waste time, energy, and money. The °C Grate’s zero impedance architecture does not impart backpressure to a floor tile during testing, permitting volume flow measurements which surpass the reliability of those made with standard airflow capture hoods.

°C Grate is made of a lightweight, wheeled construction that is easy to assemble and move around a data center. It features a Windows compatible software toolkit for datalogging and real-time gradient mapping of air velocity and air temperature conditions.

Gradient mapping at each tile

°C Grate volumetric airflow measurement - 3D gradient mapping

Being able to define the CFM and temperature through all airflow panels in UFAD (Underfloor Air Distribution) is essential to moving conversations about efficiency gains into actions. Additionally, measuring the flow gradient across an individual floor tile demonstrates how air is actually being delivered to any given rack.

The °C Grate is used to validate CFD models, evaluate whether cooling air being delivered to a rack is adequate, and identify nonuniformities in flow which may be the result of underfloor obstructions. Ascertain whether or not your raised floor airflow panels are at peak performance with the °C Grate volumetric flow rate tool.  The information is critical to controlling temperature and enhancing efficiency in data centers, laboratories, sensitive semiconductor production areas, and other engineered spaces.

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