°C Breeze Fogger Reveals Flow Characteristics

February 2, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Whether airflow patterns are unidirectional, non-directional, or mixed, having consistent, uniform airflow is essential to contamination control in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. To fully understand airflow patterns, a visual representation is required. The Degree Controls °C Breeze fogger instrument makes airflow patterns visible, identifying dead zones, disturbances, and turbulent flows. It is the Certifier’s tool of choice for airflow pattern testing and smoke studies. The °C Breeze allows users to record and analyze airflow data. With results from dynamic air visualization studies, laboratory managers can optimize contamination control strategies, instruct personnel in proper aseptic techniques for primary engineering controls (PEC), and determine best placement for materials, tools, and equipment.

Well suited for smoke testing, the °C Breeze fog generator produces enough fog to clearly visualize air streams. Fog particle size is 0.2 – 0.3 μm (mean diameter), and fog fluid is nontoxic, FDA GRAS approved. The compact, lightweight fogger is easy to hold and operate, giving users the mobility and versatility needed to perform air pattern testing.

Use the °C Breeze contamination control tool to run regular airflow visualization studies. Ask about our optional nozzles, nozzle extensions, and remote control.


The selection of the correct fog machine for its intended use is essential. MDPI’s pharmacy journal The Development and Implementation of Airflow Visualization Studies (“Smoke” Studies) as a Training Tool in Aseptic Hospital Compounding Facilities identifies the °C Breeze fogger from Degree Controls as suitable for smoke studies in cleanrooms. See Supplementary Table S1 of the article.

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