Board Mount Airflow Sensors Protect Product, Processes, and Equipment

August 4, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Fans are often used to remove heat from electronics enclosures, or move air through cleaning and filtration devices. Small form factor board mount sensors from Degree Controls monitor air velocity and temperature within these same systems. By integrating board mount airflow sensors into cabinets, racks, cases, and enclosures, users have the capability to:

  • Monitor fan operation at air inlets and exhausts of enclosures with forced air convection cooling.
  • Detect filter clogs to trigger a filter cleaning or replacement.
  • Signal an alert if airflow falls outside of user defined limits.
  • Optimize thermal management, or UV dosing (element of UVGI used in self-contained room air cleaners), by adjusting fan speed based on real time air velocity measurements.

Our in-situ board mount airflow sensors are available in horizontal and vertical profiles and may be soldered or socketed directly to your pcba. Supporting both UART and I2C digital communication protocols, the F66x board mount sensor platform offers choices for supply voltage and velocity range as well.

Integrate pcb board mount sensors into your electronics enclosures and consumer devices for real-time air velocity and temperature data to support condition-based maintenance (CBM) and dynamic control. We look forward to hearing from you.

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