Windshield defrost tester,
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Mechanically flexible airflow sensor array with datalogging software streamlines automotive windshield defrost testing for HVAC engineering teams. Flexible grid arrays of air velocity and temperature sensors from Degree Controls measure airflow distribution across planar areas with simultaneous polling of up to 200 sensors. Automotive manufacturers, HVAC designers, and quality engineers use the °C SPAR (sensor […]

Configurable Air Velocity and Temperature Switch, HVAC Duct
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Configurable air velocity and temperature switch with advanced output capability generates an alarm signal to safeguard systems and environments. Degree Controls S-Series air velocity and temperature switches generate alarms when airflow exceeds a calibrated setpoint, activate devices in response to airflow, and protect equipment from being energized.  Robust, versatile S-Series switches are a logical choice […]

Room pressure monitor doctor at hospital
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Display, record, and control room pressure with the easy-operation, fully-featured Rooster™ Pressure100 monitor and alarm There are clean manufacturing and healthcare applications where it is essential to maintain a pressure difference between adjacent rooms. Positive pressure rooms are kept at a higher pressure than external surrounding spaces to keep contaminants from entering the protected area. […]

UAS1000 RF Characterizes Pcb Airflow
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Miniature pcb-mount sensor tests airflow of pcbs and electronic systems – The UAS1000 RF characterizes pcb airflow with miniature board-mount sensor head and remote sensor electronics. Do you need to prototype, test, and validate electronic or electromechanical control system designs? Degree Controls has USB sensors which measure air velocity and air temperature simultaneously using dual […]

FH400 Humidity and Airflow Sensor for Vivariums Molecular Structure
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The FH400 humidity and airflow sensor measures humidity, velocity, and temperature concurrently for the monitoring and control of vivarium environments.  Are you an animal research Facility Manager or Vivarium Safety Officer who needs to ensure that proper environmental conditions, such as humidity, temperature, and ventilation, are met at all times? The FH400 from Degree Controls […]

°C Grate Volumetric Airflow Measurement for Floor Tiles
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Collect the data for your efficiency conversations. Are you a facility manager, commissioning agent, or designer of ACU (air conditioning unit) products who needs to assess ventilation efficiency? Is your raised floor cooling system operating properly? Collect the data and identify problem areas with the °C Grate volumetric airflow measurement system, purpose-built for testing flow […]

PCB thermal management
January 20, 2022

PCB Thermal Management

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need to verify thermal designs for electronic products and systems? The UAS1000 EF sensor (electronics focused) is ideal for any case where a sensor needs to be mounted to a circuit board to measure airflow. It is used by hardware designers and thermal engineers to test servers, understand the flow velocity across heat […]

Airflow Sensors for Produce Storage
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Is maintaining the quality of your harvest important to you? In the commercial storage of fruits and vegetables, airflow is a key factor in extending shelf-life, maintaining freshness, and reducing waste. Airflow, and airflow sensing technology, are used to help keep temperature and relative humidity at the proper levels for storage facilities. The USDA Agricultural […]

Sensor100 Monitors Impeller Inlet and Outlet Air
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Are you a manufacturer looking to improve efficiencies? Companies use the Rooster™ Sensor100 airflow sensor with display to monitor air velocity in impeller1 inlet and outlet ducts for process optimization. Coffee roasting operations are one example. Rooster™ monitors manifold outlet pipes to detect flow loss, where airflow is used to separate chaff from coffee beans. […]

Clean Room Foggers Test Containment
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Clean room foggers verify flow paths and identify leaks to ensure the safety and protection of people, products, and processes. In many laboratories, a chemical fume hood is the primary engineering control to protect personnel from airborne contaminants. These, and other critical containment devices such as biological safety cabinets (BSCs), only work as well as […]

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