Automating Face Velocity Testing

November 15, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Automating face velocity testing streamlines fume hood certification. Face velocity measurements are automatically transmitted from the reference sensor to the Rooster™ airflow monitor.

Automating face velocity testing

The °C Point anemometer will soon be interoperable with Rooster™ airflow alarms and monitors for automating face velocity testing. Users will have another sensor option for calibrating their fume hoods using automated entry of face velocity measurements. The Rooster™ interface guides the user to first select either the °C Point or UAS1000 as the reference sensor, and then define their grid patterns for sash open and sash operational positions. Rooster™ automatically calculates average face velocity from measurements made by the chosen airflow meter to establish low flow and normal operating conditions. The °C Point anemometer transmits data to Rooster™ via Bluetooth, whereas the UAS1000 sensor connects directly to the USB port on Rooster™.

Set yourself apart from your competition with Rooster™ to measure and monitor critical safety parameters. Rooster™ is the only airflow alarm on the market to support automatic data transfer of face velocity measurements from a certification sensor. With the latest Rooster™ interface software, in-house fume hood performance testing, as well as field certifications, can be made more efficient to benefit both manufacturers and end users. In addition, the analog and digital I/O provided by Rooster™ allows for enhanced control of ventilation systems by managing dampers, venturi valves, or fans. To keep your audience focused on you, custom branding and tailored solutions are available for our platform of Rooster™ airflow alarms and monitors with glove-friendly, color touch panel display.

Sample grid pattern for automating face velocity testing of fume hoods:

Automating face velocity testing

Rooster™ airflow alarms and monitors are designed for critical containment applications.

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