Airflow & Pressure Monitoring in Cleanrooms and ICUs

March 29, 2021 | Posted By: John Callanan
Airflow monitoring in cleanrooms and ICUs providing real-time data and alarms.
Rooster™ Monitor100 is used for monitoring airflow in cleanrooms and ICUs and provides alarm capability when airflow falls below the setpoint.

Application solutions for airflow and pressure monitoring in cleanrooms, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, hospital ICUs, and medical treatment facilities are built on the Rooster™ platform of monitors.

With an intuitive, glove-friendly, color touchscreen interface, Rooster™ Monitors are designed for critical containment applications where cleanroom parameters need to be viewed, monitored, alarmed, and communicated to laboratory and building management systems. Base controllers are designed to sense and measure air velocity or differential pressure, and additional sensors or transducers may be integrated into Rooster™. Rooster™ provides users with a variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs, along with provisions for serial interfaces such as RS-485. Data and event logging are also available, to meet regulatory standards and prove compliance with performance requirements.

Monitoring Cleanrooms and ICUs with airflow and pressure monitors with alarm capability
Rooster™ monitors are used for airflow and pressure monitoring in cleanrooms and hospital ICUs providing real-time data and alarming.

ISO 14644 covers classification of air cleanliness and specifications for testing and monitoring in cleanrooms.

The Rooster™ display module may be flush mounted within cleanroom equipment or panels to provide a clean, integrated look, and fully customizable branding is available. Contact Degree Controls to review your cleanroom management and ICU monitoring requirements, and learn more about how Rooster™ Monitors can help you meet and maintain your cleanroom standards.

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