Air Flow Monitors for Critical Containment

October 16, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Choose Degree Controls for your airflow monitors!

We understand that you need an airflow alarm and monitor that perfectly complements your application.

  • The Rooster™ platform of air flow alarms and monitors includes basic go/no go airflow monitors, more advanced monitors which indicate measured velocity values in real time, and fully featured, BACnet® MS/TP capable controllers.
  • Choose from our set of instrumentation-class companion sensors to suit your face velocity or duct Velocity application.

Air flow monitors
Air flow monitors, Rooster™ platform

We recognize that you need consistent product availability.

  • Degree Controls airflow alarms and monitors are mainstream product. They ship from stock.

We know your time is valuable

  • Easy to install and operate, Rooster™ airflow monitors and alarms are up and running very quickly.
  • If you have questions, reach out to Degree Controls at any time.

Degree Controls airflow monitors are found in laboratory, clean room, building management and industrial settings around the world, ensuring airflow safety and regulatory compliance. Get the optimal airflow monitor to meet your specific application requirements from Degree Controls. If you are faced with an unexpected discontinuation notice from another vendor, rest assured, we have proven replacements. Many have switched from their abandoned air flow monitors to a fully supported, high quality, high-value Rooster™ airflow monitor. They’ve made the transition with ease, and we are grateful for their patronage.


  1. Private labeling, custom screens, and other OEM customizations are available.
  2. Rooster™ Alarm is a proven replacement for the discontinued Alnor® AirGard Air Flow Monitor 315-BSC, while Rooster™ Monitor100 takes the place of discontinued Alnor® AirGard Air Flow Monitor 350-CEM.
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