AccuTrac software platform redesigned from the ground up

AccuTrac redesign
August 1, 2018 | Posted By: Adnan Sehic

At DegreeC, we take customer feedback seriously so we can achieve a high standard of excellence and performance across our portfolio of airflow sensors, instruments, and control solutions. For decades, our diverse customer base has relied on multipoint sensing and data acquisition instruments to perform detailed analyses of airflow, temperature, and humidity across complex flow fields, and in multi-duct systems. In the spirit of empowering our customer base with more robust and user-friendly tools for their experimentation, DegreeC has redesigned the AccuTrac software suite from the ground up. The new AccuTrac software speeds up your research process, displaying the information you need more efficiently and intuitively. Experimental data can easily be exported to universal file formats for seamless collaboration and networking. To serve you best, the new AccuTrac software licensing is based on a per-channel subscription model, which can be purchased directly on our online store.  

*As of January 1, 2018, the legacy AccuTrac Plus software system will no longer be available for download. We encourage our existing customers to make the switch to the new AccuTrac system or to contact one of our dedicated Sales professionals to get assistance with the transition.

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