A New Standard for Custom Air Velocity Switches

custom air velocity switches from degree controls
February 8, 2020 | Posted By: Alex Sargent

Many products use ON/OFF devices such as sail switches to signal the loss or presence of airflow, but these legacy switches fail to offer the level of intelligence needed in today’s electronic and industrial products, and suffer from material deposition-related drift on their large surface areas.

s-series switch in use

Turbulent flows typically found in enclosure applications, require tunable features like alarm delay or alarm hysteresis, as well as the trip point itself, in order to prevent trouble alarms. The S-Series of airflow switches from degreeC answers this need.

s-series switch in use in electrical box

Filter clog applications in enclosures, for computing, telephony and IP, traffic signaling, video projection, server cabinets, and air handlers, all need a more intelligent airflow switch which can be tuned, and even communicate directly to the host controller over digital protocols. The S-Series of airflow switches answers this need, and comes in a variety of input voltage ranges for AC and DC applications.

As usual, degreeC ships within 5 days of order, and configurations are pre-programmed at no charge! Come find the new standard for airflow switching, it’s happening at Degree Controls.

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