Standard Thermal Control Products

PRONTOflow Fan Controllers

The PRONTOflow line from DegreeC offers a series of off-the-shelf solutions of fan controllers, monitoring boards, and fan trays.

Designed for applications where time-to-market is critical, PRONTOflow offers 3 distinct product areas:

  • Programmable DC fan control and monitoring boards
  • DC Power Board
  • Programmable fan trays
  • Speciality Fan Controls



Off-The-Shelf Programmable DC Fan Control & Monitoring Boards

Programmable DC Fan Controller

[For 1U or larger and up to 9 fans]

The PRONTOflow CONTROL is an off-the shelf programmable controller from DegreeC for thermal management and fan speed control of DC fans. This controller is designed for use in a 1U or larger fan tray and can control up to nine fans.

PCD2 DC Fan Monitor

[Alarming for up to 4 fans]

The PRONTOflow-MONITOR is an off-the-shelf fan monitor from DegreeC. It monitors up to four 3-wire DC fans and generates alarm in the event of a fan failure or over temperature.

Programmable DC Fan Controller

[For 1U or larger and up to 4 fans]

The PRONTOflow CONTROL-LT is an off-the-shelf programmable controllers from DegreeC for thermal management and fan speed control of DC fans.


Power Boards for ProntoFlow Control & Monitoring Boards

DC Power Regulator Board

[Off-the-shelf power regulator board for DC supplied power]

The PRONTOflow POWER-DC is an off-the-shelf power regulator board designed to be used with PRONTOflow CONTROL, CONTROL-LT and MONITOR boards for power conditioning and speed control of DC fans.


Off-The-Shelf Programmable DC Fan Trays

Programmable 1U Rack mount DC Flow Trays

[ProntoFlow Cooling Tray for 1U, 19"-rack application with 3,6, or 9 standard or high performance fans]

DegreeC introduces the PTD series of PRONTOflow, a set of off-the-shelf programmable cooling trays for thermal management of rack mounted products. These cooling trays are designed for use in a 1U high 19"-rack application and are available with 3, 6 or 9 standard or high performance fans.


Specialty Fan Controls, Sensors, and Switches

ATCA Controller

[ATCA compliant, dual IPMI bus fan tray controller]

DegreeC introduces the industry’s first off-the-shelf ATCA compliant bus fan tray controller. The controller provides real-time control modes for multiple fans using any combination of inlet/exhaust blade sensed temperatures, real time alarms, I2C based communication bus between fan trays, fire response functionality and much more.

*NEW* Military Approved Controllers, Fans, and Airflow Sensors

[Military approved sensors and switches]

DegreeC offers a variety of products for Military applications: ‘ruggedized’ controllers, fans, switches, and airflow sensors that meet various Military Specifications can be enabled to meet your custom military requirements. We are ITAR Registered and with our Cage Code (45R61) are able to offer our products to the DOD and the US Gov.