Standard Thermal Control Products

Fan Trays

Increased thermal dissipations have brought on a new revolution in cooling. DegreeC specializes in the design and manufacture of fan tray assemblies for a variety of industries, including telecommunications, information technology, medical equipment, and other applications.

DegreeC offers a small line of standard fan trays – in a modular format with three, six, or nine fans. Each has a wide range of capabilities and user-controlled set points all built in, enabling fast and convenient airflow management capability for cooling your chassis during your design phase.

Occasionally, one of our standard fan trays will actually be a good choice when you move to production... but in most cases you will want to eliminate some functionality that you don’t actually need along with the associated cost. In our experience, what happens most often is that you use one or two of our standard trays to sharpen your sense of how much air you might need and how precisely you might need to control it. Then, our team of experts turns that learning into a custom-designed tray for your specific application.

We custom design fan trays to suit the exact physical and functional needs of the user. DegreeC optimizes their designs upfront through analysis and testing. The final product has the exact form, fit and function desired. Various communication protocols, such as I2C, are also available to allow remote access of data. Whether you have only a few fans or as many as a dozen fans, we can provide a fan tray solution utilizing our thermal management expertise. Reduce your time-to-market development and optimize the use of your precious design time by working with DegreeC. Design to industry standards and full production expertise are also available.

Here are examples of some of our projects:

For DSL/OSP Network Router with Low Acoustical Noise Requirements

Operating Voltage -32 to -75VDC (Dual power input)
Fan Type Forward Impeller
Fan Voltage 48VDC
Number of Fans 3
Flow at 0 pressure 204 CFM
Pressure at 0 flow 1.4 in water
Operating Temperature -10 to 60 degC
Power converter Boost Over switcher
Operating power 160 W
Host communication I2C
Alarm Reporting Dry contact output, I2C communication
Redundancy feature Dual switchers, Fault tolerant power and control path, Single failure protected
Special features
  • Fans synchronized for “beat” noise reduction.
  • Fan speed linearly controlled per temperature.
  • Operating curve, alarm threshold, serial number etc stored in field programmable EEPROM.
  • Tested for conducted/ radiated EMI.
  • High Pot tested.
  • Fully functional tested.