Thermal Design

Thermal Design, Thermal Analysis of Electronics

The Center for Airflow and Thermal Technologies (CATT) offers system, board and component level thermal analysis to achieve the most optimal thermal design. Through a process of analysis, simulation, and design, CATT is able to offer the most sophisticated levels of thermal management while focusing on future production cost of the design. Typical applications include the design of large fan trays as well as component level thermal design such as heatsink analysis. CATT's expertise and experience in the thermal management field will ensure a high performing product. With system design becoming more powerful and generating more heat than ever before, a proper thermal design is crucial for product reliability and design integrity. Some examples of CATT projects include:

  • Determination of airflow requirements
  • Selection and placement of fans
  • Board design and layout for optimal component cooling
  • Investigation of failure scenarios
  • CATT also offers a complete line of validation testing of your design

The following is a link to our whitepaper:

[rokdownload menuitem="150" downloaditem="97" direct_download="true"]Thermal Management of Electronics[/rokdownload]

This white paper discusses how to reduce product launch delays and improve reliability through systematic thermal design and validation.

If you would like to learn more about how Degree Controls can assist you with your thermal management design, analysis, CFD modeling, and compliance testing, please contact Charlie Nasser general manager of the IQS Division of Degree Controls.

If the download does not work properly, please contact Charlie Nasser who will then send you the white paper via email.