Industries Served

Military & Aerospace

military-headerDegreeC offers cooling solutions, airflow sensors and instrumentation, and testing services for military applications backed by an 11 year track record of exceptional client service.

As a privately held, minority owned company we are excited to offer our products and services to the DOD and the US Government. Our CAGE Code is 45R61 and we are also ITAR registered.

We have a long history of developing robust and application specific solutions for our clients leveraging our proven expertise. This experience includes:

  • Thermal Controllers: Our ProntoFlow line consists of off-the-shelf thermal controllers and fan trays that are easy to install and use.
  • Custom Cooling Solutions: Through our CATT Division, Thermal design and airflow testing, mil spec approved controllers and fans, and unique heat sink designs for challenging environments.
  • Airflow Sensors, Switches, and Instrumentation: Our AccuSense divison offers airflow sensors and switches for installed applications, multipoint air velocity and temperature testing instrumentation.
  • Product Reliability and Predictability Analysis: Through our IQS Division, we offer reliability, performance and certification testing including ESS, MTBF Analysis, MIL-STD-1629, MIL-HBK-217F, EMC/I, Safety.

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