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lab-headerIn critical processing areas where particle contamination can damage either the product and/or the operator, air is the primary medium to maintain cleanliness. Typical applications where airflow needs to be measured, monitored and controlled includes cleanrooms, semiconductor equipment, pharmaceutical aseptic processing areas, biological safety cabinets and fume hoods, as well as animal cages. As technology increases, the need for maintaining cleanliness also increases.

Traditionally, measuring airflow continuously was expensive and not accurate enough for this industry. Now, DegreeC and its divisions offers a wide range of airflow measurement and control which is extremely accurate and cost-effective.

Saving Energy By Reducing Biological Safety Cabinet Airflow

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Rooster Airflow Alarm Monitor for NSF-49 Compliance

Cambridge Accusense™ has introduced the Rooster Airflow™ Alarm System.

Rooster image smallThis represents next generation airflow alarm technology, combining a rich set of customizable features with unprecedented ease of installation and configuration. Designed to accept both probe and flow-through style sensors, it uses single button calibration and alarm reset functions making it perfect for Certifiers and BSC operators alike.

Meeting NSF/ANSI-49 Compliance for Biosafety Cabinets and Fume Hoods


Rooster User Manual

Rooster Programming Software

Quick Start Calibration Guide

Quick Start Installation Guide

NSF-49 Classification Standards

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