Industries Served

HVAC Applications

HVAC-sensor-smallCambridge AccuSenseTM division of Degree Controls is a global supplier of air velocity sensors for use in HVAC. With our standard offerings of embedded and instrument grade thermal anemometers, we can effectively measure in almost any HVAC environment.

Our Sensors and Fan Controllers are being used for VAV Control, Efficiency Monitoring and Optimization, and for gathering Empirical Data on-site.


Instrumentation Grade:

 UAS1000 Series

 F900 Series

  • 0 – 4 Volt Velocity Output
  • UART Digital Communications
    • Air Temp Also Available With UART

Embedded Grade:

 F333 Series

  • Voltage Output for Velocity
  • Standard Digital Communications Option for Velocity and Temperature
    • I2C
    • UART

F900 Series

  • Remote Sensor Head Options
  • 0 - 4 Volt Velocity Output
  • UART Digital Communications
    • Air Temperature Also Available With UART

  • Contact Us for a Customized Solution to Meet Your Unique Application Requirements


  • Customizable
    • Firmware
    • Hardware
  • Price Competitive
  • Control 1-6 Fans or Blowers Independently
  • Wide Voltage Capable
    • 10-72 VDC
    • 90-250 VAC Solutions Available