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Food Service Equipment

food-display-cabinetsDegree Controls provides reprogrammable controllers to control temperature and airflow for food service equipment such as ovens, hot food display cabinets, refridgeration systems, and more. Our expertise in automated software updates, multiple cooking programs, user interfaces to reprogram the display based on food type helps you manage the look, function and branding of your equipment. 

Review our case studies to learn more about specific solutions for the food service industry.

In addition, our Cambridge AccuSense line of air velocity sensors and multipoint airflow instrumentation helps appliance designers determine flow rates in various locations, with the option to use the sensors during the design phase or embedded to continuously monitor airflow. By understanding and controlling air velocity rates and patterns, food service equipment designers can create a system that heats more evenly, maintains different zone temperatures, while reducing energy costs.

Degree Controls has compliance engineering onsite, who can navigate you through the complexities of product listing and recognition within the agency standards required for food service equipment.


Place airflow & temperature in your control with simple to use USB-based thermal measurement systems.

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