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Data Center Cooling Solutions

datacenter cooling solutionsData Center cooling systems have been virtually unchanged for 30 years, even though the IT equipment they are expected to manage changes every 3 years. This mismatch has become so intense that it delays implementation of advanced computing technology.

Degree Controls has 11 years of experience in managing the heat flow in electronics in critical environments. It has now applied its skills to the complex problem of Data Center cooling. Degree Controls' AdaptivCool system is designed to intelligently and actively manage the airflow in data centers of any size. AdaptivCool eliminates hotspots and saves up to 30% of cooling energy.

The heart of the AdaptivCool system is an advanced monitoring and control system. The system dynamically manages the flow of cooling air to the IT racks and exhausts hot air back to the CRAC intake. AdaptivCool automatically compensates minute-by-minute for changes in cooling and IT load. AdaptivCool dramatically reduces electrical cost by improving cooling effectiveness.

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