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We offer Intelligent Airflow Management solutions to mitigate thermal problems in data centers. Our
solutions match cooling resources to IT Demand, reclaim energy wasted on overcooling, and maximize
IT capacity at both the rack and facility levels. From thermostatically-controlled air-movers for dynamic
cooling, to robust software controls for cooling infrastructure, we provide the comprehensive
solutions needed to optimize data center airflow and protect valuable IT assets from downtime.



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Protecting Data Centers Since 2005

  • Intelligent Airflow Management for Data Center Facilities
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
  • Proven Green Technology with up to 40% Energy Savings
  • Thermal Safety & Uptime Protection
  • Capacity Planning & Reclamation
  • Cooling Resource Management & Automation

    »   Fan Trays for Server, Rack & IT System Cooling

    Our intelligent fan tray systems match airflow (CFM) to meet IT demand, protecting assets from thermal spikes, eliminating hotspots, and reducing energy consumption by 40%. Explore our cooling infrastructure product line for mission-critical data centers:

    fan tray tile for data centers    

    HT-510 - Fan Tray Cooling Tile for Data Centers

    Thermostatically-controlled fan tray floor tile for rack-level cooling automation and mitigation of hotspots in containment or open aisle setups.

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    ceiling mount air-mover  

    HT-710 - Overhead Air-Mover for Rack Cooling

    Overhead thermostatically-controlled air-mover for bypass airflow balancing and hotspot mitigation in data centers.

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    ac DC fan tray cooling system  

    AC Fan System

    9-fan AC cooling system that utilizes an open loop control algorithm to synchronize fan activities and an external thermistor to automate cooling based on IT demand. Digital communication protocols enable alarming function and user-defined performance parameters.

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    dual tray cooling system  

    Dual Fan Tray System

    Versatile master/slave dual fan system for products which require multiple fan trays working in conjunction. Digital communication protocols enable alarming function and user-defined performance parameters for individual fans.

     brands prontoflow

    vertical cool blade server fan tray  

    Vertical "Cool" Blade System

    6 fan tray system with temperature-based controls that delivers cooling based on chassis demand. LED alarming and indicators signal when sensor fails or there is a filter clog.

     brands prontoflow


    »   Computational Fluid Dynamics for Capacity Planning

    Validate CFD models of your facility with our hassle-free testing instruments. If you are looking for rack-level thermal diagnostics or need to calculate the airflow (CFM) coming out of your perforated tiles, our solutions will save hours of engineering time and provide you with data accessible from your remote PC workstation or mobile device:

    uas2000 sensor 150thumbnail    

    USB Series - Air Velocity, Temperature & Humidity Sensors

    Precise, easy placement sensors designed for single or multi-point measurements in a variety of applications with a convenient USB output for data collection with your PC or Laptop.



    cspar vertical stand 150thumbnail  

    °C GRID - IT Rack Temperature, Humidity & Air Flow Testing Instrument

    Fully-configurable sensor pole array system for linear air velocity, humidity and temperature measurement - replete with data collection software. This portable sensor assembly is designed for quick testing of IT rack cooling in data centers.

    accutrac plus software cgrate 150thumbnail  

    °C GRATE - Perforated Tile Airflow (CFM) Measurement Tool

    Fully-configurable sensor pole array system for planar air velocity and temperature measurement - replete with data collection software. This portable sensor assembly is designed for quick testing of cool airflow over perforated tiles in data center aisles.

    cport3600 150thumbnail  

    °C Port3600 - Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Instrument

    Network-ready, 36 channel measurement instrument for air velocity, temperature and humidity sensor aggregation. Built-in atmospheric pressure and humidity compensation for highest possible repeatability.

    accutrac plus software mobile devices 150thumbnail  

    AccuTracTM Plus - Data Acquisition Software

    A premier software platform for graphing, logging, and analyzing sensor data with no technical expertise required. Collaborate with colleagues across the globe on your mobile device or PC with our convenient web-based application.
     cbreeze 150thumbnail  

    °C Breeze - Air Impedance Test Fogger

    Handheld flow-controlled fog instrument for validation of cool airflow around perforated tiles, server rack aisles, ventilation ducts and CRAC/CRAH units.
    custom design 150thumbnail  

    Engineering Audit for Cooling Efficiency

    Our dedicated team of airflow and thermal engineering experts, will perform an audit of your facility to determine potential for capacity reclamation and energy savings using both passive and active air flow management solutions. 

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    »   Airflow Visualization

    Using our laboratory-grade fog instruments, designed specifically for sanitary and electronic environments, you can now reveal the movement patterns and flow paths of air in your ventilation system. Unlike smoke sticks and carbon dioxide, these propylene-glycol based fog generators leave no residue and can be used to trace the ambient flow profiles of air to validate compliance in ventilation systems and equipment.

    cbreeze 150thumbnail     

    °C Breeze - Air Impedance Test Fogger

    Handheld flow-controlled fog instrument for validation of cool airflow around perforated tiles, server rack aisles, ventilation ducts and CRAC/CRAH units.

    flowmarker with fog 150thumbnail    

    Flowmarker - Electronic Airflow Pattern Visualizer

    Using precision fog release and an array of application-specific adapters, this portable visualization instrument demonstrates air impedance in densely populated server blades, compact server cabinets and high density rack system enclosures.

    »   Thermal Sensor Network for Remote Monitoring

    Outfit your data center with a sensor network and device controls for real-time, remote monitoring and thermal mitigation from your mobile device or Laptop.

    accutrac plus software mobile devices 150thumbnail    

    Thermal Sensor Network

    Thermal sensor network and software system for facility-wide visibility of temperature conditions in real-time. Software enables remote monitoring from the PC or mobile device for mission-critical or inaccessible environments including data centers, cleanroom facilities, cell huts and telecommunication shelters.

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    »   Cooling Infrastructure Optimization Software

    For data centers and mission-critical facilities, our Demand Based Cooling system enables remote monitoring of thermal conditions, custom automation protocols for failure scenarios and thermal spikes, and real-time controls for cooling assets ranging from fan trays to air handler units:

    dbc software mobile devices 150thumbnail    

    Demand Based Cooling (DBC) - Infrastructure Management

    Our complete cooling infrastructure management software, replete with automation protocols, provides rack-level diagnostics and real-time infrastructure asset insights on the PC or mobile device. In conjunction with our intelligent fan trays and cooling infrastructure products, DBC has been shown to yield up to 40% energy savings while ensuring thermal safety of IT assets. 

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    »   Environmental Management Services

    Using our patented sensor networking and BMS integration technologies, our 24/7 team of engineering professionals can monitor your facilities, automate cooling infrastructure processes, and alert you in the event of a thermal spike or cooling resource failure:


    custom design2 150thumbnail    

    Environmental Management Services

    Data centers, by nature, have uneven power distribution based on server demand and IT expansion.  Because of this, it's difficult to keep up with shifting heat loads, while maintaining an efficient cooling system. With EMS, you have a dedicated expert technician that monitors, manages, and reports on your data center's cooling system performance.

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