Single DC Fan Controller


The TC10257 is small form factor, RoHS compliant, individual fan controller. It is intended for those who are designing equipment that uses a single, 12 or 48V DC fan, and do not wish to merely run it at full speed, thereby wasting energy and reducing fan life, while producing excess acoustic noise. Implementing this controller will provide fan RPM control, based on sensed temperature in your system. The temperature may be sensed remotely, using a thermistor cable, so that the sensing location is made at the most strategic or important location for optimal thermal management. The controller provides linear RPM control across a temperature range, and can also turn ON/OFF the fan completely, if the user wishes to specify conditions where the fan should no longer be powered. This can prevent the fan from running at temperatures outside of its specified range. The alarm output relay can be used to trigger a system alarm should an over temperature or fan failure scenario occur. The relay will close an alarm circuit with power loss to the controller. Degree Controls can help suggest ways for you to implement this in your system’s larger control scheme or control panel. The alarm and fan set points are reprogrammable using a windows-based PC with interface code and communication cable. 

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  • Fan and logic are powered via this controller; user needs only provide 24 or 48 volt source.

  • Provides a rapid response to fan failure or temperature rise, and can alarm critical thermal scenarios

  • Completely reprogrammable alarm and fan control settings via Windows PC

  • Available with customized settings pre-programmed

  • Saves power, improves reliability and reduces acoustic noise

  • Wide operating range, -40°C to +70°C

  • Fan shutdown based on sensed temperature.

  • Optimizes power consumption of cooling fans

  • Custom configuration options available


Applications By Industry

  • data center
    • IT thermal safety & uptime protection
    • Server boards

    • Thermal load cards

    • Controller cards

    • Thermal development and test boards

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  • Telecommunications
    • Telecom communication and management cards

    • Server boards

    • Thermal load cards

    • Embedded computing boards

    telecom app 150x250
  • food service
    • Thermal load cards

    • Thermal Development & Test Boards

    • Embedded Computing Boards

    food service app 150x250
  • laboratory & research
    • High-precision ducted flow applications for incubation or culture growth

    • Embedded computing boards
    • Medical electronics

    lab app 150x250
  • hvac
    • HVAC controller cards

    • Heat recovery ventilators

    • High-precision ducted flow applications for incubation or culture growth

    hvac induct app 150x250
  • information technology
    • In-Situ thermal safety & monitoring
    • Server boards

    • High lumen projector applications  

    • Thermal load cards

    • Thermal development and test boards

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Application Notes

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