Multiple DC Fan Controller


With the ability to be reconfigured on the fly, the TC10259 offers complete temperature-based fan speed control and fault monitoring on a wide input voltage range. It is shipped to the user with a Thermal Monitor Application, a simple PC-based software which allows you to monitor and update your system's fan and thermal profile real-time, while recording data to your PC. The TC10259 is a proven platform, with many thousands deployed in the field. Typical applications include cabinet cooling, air cooled test apparatus, and any equipment where programmable fan speed control is required. To meet specialized regulatory needs of your products, DegreeC can rapidly update the design and validate the performance against your industry's relevant agency and safety documents. Ask us about doing regulatory verification testing for you, at yoru product level.


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  • Controls and monitors up to 4 fans

  • Speed control 12, 24 or 48VDC fans based on several temperature inputs

  • Communicate downstream over I2C and RS232

  • Provides LED indicators and alarms

  • Low temperature fan shutoff with hysteresis turn on

  • Designed to fit a standard 1U 19” fan tray

  • 12V to 65V input voltage range with no modifications

  • Delta temperature filter clog detection alarm

  • Custom configuration options available


Applications By Industry

  • laboratory & research
    • High-precision ducted flow applications for incubation or culture growth

    • Embedded computing boards
    • Medical electronics

    lab app 150x250
  • Telecommunications
    • Telecom communication and management cards

    • Server boards

    • Thermal load cards

    • Embedded computing boards

    telecom app 150x250
  • food service
    • Thermal load cards

    • Thermal Development & Test Boards

    • Embedded Computing Boards

    food service app 150x250
  • data center
    • IT thermal safety & uptime protection
    • Server boards

    • Thermal load cards

    • Controller cards

    • Thermal development and test boards

    data center app 150x250
  • information technology
    • In-Situ thermal safety & monitoring
    • Server boards

    • High lumen projector applications  

    • Thermal load cards

    • Thermal development and test boards

    it app 150x250
  • hvac
    • HVAC controller cards

    • Heat recovery ventilators

    • High-precision ducted flow applications for incubation or culture growth

    hvac induct app 150x250





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Application Notes

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