Embedded Sensing

Embedded Air Velocity Sensing Products

Cambridge AccuSense air flow sensors can be found embedded in mission critical telecommunications systems, medical and laboratory products, and in electronics equipment. 

Airflow sensors are offered with a number of sensor head options, including remote locations where the sensor itself can be up to 5 meters away. The sensor head's compact geometries allow unimpaired access in tight locations with minimal distortion of the measured airflow. Each sensor is calibrated in our NIST traceable wind tunnels to ensure stated accuracies. The sensors are designed to be fully interchangeable and to provide direct measurements of airflows in a variety of outputs. We also offer custom calibration ranges and custom sensor design. We have designed many sensor systems with control and relay boards for industries with unique airflow measurement requirements. As experts in the field of air flow management, we realize the importance of accurate and reliable airflow measurement. That’s why every air flow sensor with our name on it goes through stringent quality control, test, and calibration process. Explore our embedded sensing portfolio or contact us directly for customization options:


Embedded Sensors


Insertion Probe Sensors

Flow Switches & Sensors for the HVAC Industry

Remote Head Sensors for Electronics Components


 f400series  switches  embedded

F400 Sensor Probe Platform

Platform of highly sensitive airflow and temperature sensors designed for extended ranges. Dual output with communications for fan & VAV controls.

RANGE:          0.15-20 m/s
12-24V DC
Dual Analog
                       Dual Digital
                       UART & I2C (3.3V)
ACCURACY:     Velocity dependent

                       ±1-5% of reading

300T- Airflow Switch

Solid state reliable switch designed to measure airflow in critical environments. Designed to replace traditional "sail" or "vane" switches, offering unparalleled resistance to shock and vibration.

          Multiple Trip Points
POWER:           5V DC
                      11-25V DC
OUTPUT:        Open Collector
ACCURACY:    ±10 FPM of reading

RFS300 - Board Mounted Reference Sensor

Tiny form-factor air velocity and temperature sensor designed for direct solder onto printed circuit board. Leverages onboard DC voltage.

RANGE:          0.5-20 m/s
POWER:          Onboard +12V
                     *Dev Board Available
ALARM output 
                      UART & I2C (3.3V)


AVS-Air Velocity Sensor

Provides linear airflow measurement with either non-directional or optional bi-directional models.


Up to 20 m/s
POWER:          12-24V DC
OUTPUT:        0-10V
ACCURACY:    3% of full-scale

F600 - Remote Head Sensor

Board mounted patented pulse technology airflow and air temperature sensor, I2C and RS232 communications, frequency, alarm and PWM signal output.


RANGE:           0.15-10 m/s
    0.15-5 m/s
                       0.15-2 m/s

12V DC
                       PWM or Tach
20% of reading

AVT-Thermal Anemometer

Provides room temperature linear airflow measurement with either non-directional or optional bi-directional models.

RANGE:          Up to 20 m/s
POWER:          12-24V DC
OUTPUT:        0-10V
3% of full-scale


C600 - Mini Fan Controller

Miniature board-mounted fan controller that modulates RPM based on programmable air velocity threshold.


0.15-20 m/s
POWER:           +12 VDC
                       +10 mA nominal
OUTPUT:         PWM or Tach
                       UART & I2C (3.3V)

ACCURACY:     20% of reading

F900 - HVAC Air Velocity Probe

Measures air velocity and air temperature. Digital UART interface, temperature-compensated, wide voltage supply.

RANGE:          0.15-10 m/s
                      0.15-5 m/s
                      0.15-2 m/s
POWER:          7-13V DC
OUTPUT:        0-4V
ACCURACY:    ±5% of reading


F300 - Air Velocity Probe

Highly sensitive airflow and temperature sensor designed for extended ranges in ducts or plenums. Optional UART or I2C provides both air velocity and temperature data.


RANGE:          0.2-2.0 m/s
                      0.5-5.0 m/s
                      0.5-10.0 m/s
POWER:          12V DC
OUTPUT:        0-5V
ACCURACY:    10% of reading