Airflow Sensing Products

Measure Airflow Better

DegreeC provides a full array of off-the-shelf Cambridge AccuSense airflow sensors for both embedded applications and development testing across a wide range of industries, including mission critical telecommunications systems, medical products, electronics, HVAC, cleanrooms and more. Explore our diverse product portfolio:

Test & Validation Instruments:

  • Collect, Analyze, & Manage Single or Multipoint Measurement Data
  • Validate Airflow Safety in Critical Containment Settings
  • Visualize Air Currents and Trace Flow Patterns

Multipoint Data Collection & Measurement 

Air Velocity,
Temperature & Humidity Sensing 

Airflow Safety 
Compliance & Monitoring 

Airflow Visualization 

Multipoint Measurement & Data Analysis

Air Velocity, Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Rooster Alarm for Laboratory Airflow Safety

Airflow Visualization & Ventilation Commissioning

Embedded Airflow Sensors & Switches:

  • Collect data from miniature sensors with high repeatability and minimal flow disruption
  • Control, Switch, and Alarm with advanced communication protocols
  • Custom calibrate your sensors to meet your application needs


Insertion Probe Sensors


Flow Switches & Sensors for the HVAC Industry


Remote Head Sensors for Electronics Components


 f400series  switches  embedded